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1.     Financing

It is always good to know your borrowing capacity for your next big purchase, as it allows you to shop around knowing your budget. A pre-approval amount that a broker provides you usually only lasts 3 months, which is why we always recommend getting an estimation as to how much you can borrow today and another couple months before settlement.

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2.     Selecting the ONE

The world is your oyster with properties all over Australia. We always recommend you find a project with a developer that has a great track record and is always thinking from the customers perspective as they tend to deliver the best finishes on time. At Cubecorp, our experienced sales director finely picks only those that fall under that category, so you can rest easy knowing that the projects that our agents sell are reliable.

We then place an expression of interest (EOI) to secure the unit that you desire.

Projects we have available

3.     Placing deposit and conveyancing

A deposit is placed at this point usually 10% of the contract price and a solicitor allocated to go through the contract. We recommend you to find a solicitor that specialises or is experienced with off-the-plan contracts. Once you sign off with the solicitor, congratulations you have now exchanged the contract and are now the proud owner of the unit.

4.     Post Exchange

Congratulations!! You’re all set, now we wait. Your Cubecorp agent will update you ongoingly as they receive updates any information that is related to your property. This may include: newly proposed infrastructure and building progress.

-When the time comes your agent will then remind you to pay your stamp duty

-Couple months before settlement time your agent will remind you to see a broker to get your finance sorted for the property

-Prior to settlement your agent will also contact you in regards to a pre-settlement inspection, this is where we get to look at the nearly finished product for any minor problems that may need fixing. At Cubecorp we accompany you so that we can help identify these problems to make sure you receive a flawless product.

5.     Settlement

Hooray!! Your property is ready to move in or rent out.

If you are:

-Moving In – let us know if you need someone to help with moving, we can recommend you some moving services.

-Using as investment property – Let our property management team rent your property out light speed to a suitable tenant.

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(Disclaimer: The following information is only a guideline and can vary depending on the project and state. For a more accurate step-by-step process we recommend speaking to one of our sales agents)