About Cubecorp finance

Cubecorp finance is led by a group of Australia Big 4 Banks commercial banking background professional. Our goal is to form a long term partnership being trusted advisors to assist with clients finance needs. We pride in taking a holistic assessment of clients’ finance needs and taking care of clients finance needs as our own.  Based on our expertise and strong relationship with over 40 lenders,we can help you find the most suitable finance products at a low interest rate with hassle free approval and settlement process. We strive for value adding service and a reputable business with longevity to help manage your family and friends’ finance for the next few decades.

We provide best Finance Solution for you on all types of finance needs

  • Residential Home Loan
  • Commercial Property & Development Project Finance
  • Car & Equipment Finance
  • Business Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Private Funding


What our finance consultants can do for you

Understand your needs
Your consultant will have a holistic discussion in terms of your finance needs to find best solutions for you.
Work out your borrowing power
Your consultant will calculate how much you can borrow and how much you can comfortably afford to repay.
Compare loans to find the right one
Your consultant can compare all loan products from over 40 lenders, including the big four banks, to quickly narrow down your choices to the ones that best suit you.
Business Consulting
Our leaders have a wealth of knowledge and professional network across all industries that they’re only too happy to share to help you achieve your goals.
Do all the legwork
Once you decide to go ahead with an application, your consultant will prepare all of the paperwork and support you through the entire process.
Help you with pre-approval
Your consultant can help you get pre-approval for your finance so you can shop around for your property with confidence, knowing what you can afford to spend.

We compare loans from over 40 lenders to find the best offer for you.